Monday, 1 August 2016

How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks can be worn with either single or double cuffs. You should ensure the holes on the cuffs are aligned with the insides of the cuffs touching each other so that the hemmed edges of the cuffs are facing outwards from the wrist. Otherwise you can overlap the cuffs with one on top of the other which gives a more stream lined and business-like look.

Cufflinks are usually kept for formal and semi-formal occasions and worn with a suit and tie. However you can wear cufflinks whenever you want to as long as you have a shirt with button holes in the cuffs rather than button fastenings.

We have a great range of cufflinks to choose from. We sell cufflinks in matching patterns to the ties, bow ties and cravats that we offer, as well as cufflinks perfect for weddings and a variety of other styles.

Outfit Inspiration

We have put together some great outfits to give you examples of how you can wear cufflinks to different occasions.

Whether you are a member of the wedding party or a guest we think this black suit would look great with a white shirt, our Mens Black and Green Swirl Bow Tie and Silver Plated Knot Cufflinks.

If you are going to the races why not wear this grey suit and waistcoat with our Paisley Navy Blue Cufflinks and Van Buck Blue Fleur De Lis Motif Navy Tie

You can wear cufflinks with this slightly less formal outfit of navy trousers, a white shirt, our Mens Polka Dot Burgundy Tie and Burgundy Polka Dot Cufflinks which would be perfect for the office.

For a special event why not wear this formal black suit and waistcoat with our matching Passion Silver Cufflinks and Mens Passion Silver Scrunchie Cravat


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