Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Tie Style Guide

So we all love the neck tie here at Fab Ties HQ but with so many styles and fabric choices now widely available where does one daper man begin! With our guide to the necktie we look at some of the most popular ties on today’s tie fashion scene.

1.       Plain Ties – the traditional plain tie, probably the most widely available neck piece available, worn traditionally in a Windsor knot under a full lapel shirt collar. With many colours available to choose from today you could end up wearing a different colour every day of the month!

Plain Baby Pink Tie

2.       Skinny Ties – The skinny tie is a slimmed down version of the traditional width of tie. Its available in lots of different colours and patterns and is prominent in today’s men accessory wardrobe. The skinny tie works well with narrow suits – think mod style, or this particular tie can even work well casually with skinny jeans and a casual shirt.

Plain Purple Skinny Tie

3.       Stripe Ties – The stripe tie is another classic design, an alternative to the plain ties, the two colour way design adds a bit of character to your style. Traditionally the striped tie was seen as an authority design in schools and the military scene. Yet in today’s market the stripe tie really stands out.

Hot Pink & Black Stripe Tie

 4.       Clip On Ties – Made for ease of use the clip-on tie is popular for those unable to tie a tie. The clipon is also useful for security companies due to the safety aspect of this piece of neckwear.
Hot Pink Clip On Tie