Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A Brief History of the Tie

Long, short, skinny, wide, plain or patterned? 

Your choice of tie is as individual as you. 

But how many of us know how this timeless accessory became so popular?

Royal Ties

It is widely known that Louis XIII had an eye for fashion. When a group of Croatian mercenaries arrived on his doorstep, the first thing the King noticed was not their weapons, but their fabulously stylish neckties. King Louis adopted these neckties as a staple fashion accessory and renamed them ‘cravats’ in tribute to the ‘Croats’ after whom they were named.

Bow Ties

A natural progression from the formal cravat, the bow tie became a staple fashion accessory in England by the end of the 19th Century. Rumour has it the black bow tie gained in popularity after one Pierre Lorillard wore the accessory to a party at the Tuxedo Club, near New York. This spawned the era of the 
smouldering tux-and-bow-tie look we are so familiar with today. 

Art-Deco Ties

It wasn’t until 1924 the modern neck tie arose in prominence as an everyday accessory, largely due to manufacturing changes. The following decades saw people experimenting with different knots and materials, truly projecting their own identity through the humble necktie. Some neckties became far wider than previously worn and often displayed bright pictures and images.

Kipper Ties

The 1960’s saw the introduction of ultra-wide, ultra-bright neckties, with some as wide as 7 inches across. This trend lasted well into the 70’s and was the must have accessory for any seriously groovy disco-lover. 

Power Ties

The 1980’s were all about big hair, big makeup and big mobile phones. Ties, however, were an altogether more sleek and stylish affair, complementing the crisp power suits adorned by so many men and women. 
Modern Ties

Today, both men and women choose from an array of patterns, widths and materials when selecting their perfect tie. Cravats and bow ties remain hugely popular and neckties are frequently used to dress an outfit ‘up’ or ‘down’ depending on preference and event. It’s all about your individual style and personality.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Our Top 6 Essential Guide to Men’s Ties

An Essential Guide to Men’s Ties
Your tie makes a statement. It is a signature piece that tells the world you feel confident and comfortable in your own style. But before you choose your perfect tie, there are a few golden rules you should follow… 
1. Size matters
Yes, it’s true. When it comes to your choice of neckwear, size most definitely matters and whatever your bodily proportions, your tie should always reach just above your waist line. A good guesstimate is to wear a belt – if the end of the tie comes just above the buckle, you have the right length. 
2. Shorter, skinny ties can look great 
Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tie styles. Keep in mind that short, skinny ties can look good on everyone, as long as they reach a point near the naval. Any shorter and you might look like you are trying to pull off a vintage 1890’s look. Not ideal. 
3. Keep a wide berth 
While shorter, skinnier ties can look gorgeous, keep away from kipper ties. So called because of their eye popping width, any tie which is more than 3 inches across is a no-go. Wide ties are a fashion statement from the 70’s – let’s keep them where they belong. 
4. Choose a simple knot 
Yes, there are a range of different styles in which you can tie your tie. But unless you are a tie expert, you probably only know one or two methods. Broadly speaking, people with wide shoulders should opt for a wider knot style (like the full Windsor). Likewise, those with a smaller frame would do well using the classic four in hand knot. 
5. Season well 
Always choose a tie which complements the season and the occasion. For example, a thick wool tie wouldn’t look right in the height of summer and a light pastel tie could look out of place at a winter wedding. Take your cue from the elements and try to keep the colour combinations flattering. 
6. Careful with colours 
We mentioned colour combinations because too often, people get the contrasts wrong and the results are less than pretty. A general rule of thumb is this: your tie should always be a darker shade than your shirt. You can experiment with contrasting colours and bright patterns depending on your wardrobe but keep in mind that colour contrasts are usually more eye catching than complementary shades. 
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Monday, 19 October 2015

10 Men Who Wore a Tie & Suit the Best

The right suit and tie combination can turn heads. Of course, it helps if you are naturally handsome, like these ten men who we think wear a suit and tie the best:  

1. Tom Hardy in a black tux suit and skinny black tie.
Talented Tom Hardy looks nothing short of dapper in this sharp black suit and matching skinny tie.
Image: Buzzfeed

2. Brad Pitt in a classic suit and black bow tie.
No list of male celebrities is complete without mention of Mr Pitt. Here he is wearing a classic suit and bow-tie combination – a definitive classic Hollywood look. And doesn’t he pull it off perfectly? 
Image: Popsugar

3. Gerard Butler in a slate grey 3 piece suit and matching silk knitted charcoal tie.
Gerard Butler looks good in everything but here, his rugged good looks are enhanced by a tidy grey suit and skinny black tie combo. 

4. David Beckham in a grey suit with purple and silver striped tie.
We all love David Beckham and he certainly scrubs up well off the pitch. Here, his grey suit is complemented by a purple pinstripe tie and perfectly coiffed hair; adding to a super suave celebrity look.   
Image: Famous Outfits

5. Leonardo DiCaprio in a classic Hollywood black suit and black bow tie with a white pocket square.
Leo has come a long way since his Titanic days and on the red carpet, he never fails to impress. His crisp suit, bow tie and slicked hair are very Gatsby - proving the suit and tie is a timeless combination. 

6. Jake Gyllenhall in a black suit and knitted polka dot tie. 
With his natural good looks, Jake Gyllenhall is simply stunning in this crisp suit and polka dot knitted tie ensemble.
Image: Imageck

7. Justin Timberlake in a white suit and black oversized bow tie 
Justin Timberlake’s white suit and black oversized bow tie gives a twist to the more traditional attire commonly favoured by celebrities. Worn for a promo shoot, we think Justin looks fab in this eye catching combination. 

8. Daniel Craig in a classic bond style tuxedo with a dapper black narrow bow tie and a white classic pocket square.
If you are going to be James Bond, you have to look good in a suit. And doesn’t Daniel Craig pull off the 007 look perfectly?  
Image: Haircoutureinternational

9. Robert Downey Junior in a black suit and blue bow-tie combination.
The Iron Man actor has never been afraid to experiment with different looks. This striking blue bow tie and classic black suit combination looks fabulously fun and stylish.  
Image: Pinterest

10. Tom Cruise in a black suit and skinny black tie. 
The Mission Impossible star always looks super stylish and this three piece suit, tie and waistcoat ensemble is nothing short of striking.  
Image: Thefashionisto

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mens New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 - Hermés

The Hermés collection featured some colourful combinations, we loved the cobalt blue that was included in a chunky knitted jumper form. The signature Hermés scarf knotted round the models neck was also largely featured together with tailored trousers and sandals. Smart 80’s style blazers with skinny floral print ties, pinstripe suits with gladiator sandals and shorts - a winning collection from Veroniqué Nichanians. Hermés love to introduce breakthrough products at their shows and this one proves it was no different - the collection introduced a goatskin somehow imprinted with silk twill bringing together the two big Hermés signatures of skin and silk creating one amazing material seen in t-shirt form. 

Images - Yannis Vlamos -

Friday, 18 September 2015

Top 10 Sexiest Women Who Wear Ties Better Than Men

In an age of equality, ties are as likely to be worn by stylish, sexy women as they are by men. At Fab Ties, we think some of the sexiest and most stylish women in the world wear ties better than men – and here’s the proof: 

1. Beyonce in a fancy bow-tie 
The queen diva looked incredible (as always) during Oprah’s 25th finale live show, wearing a gorgeous bow tie accessory. 

Beyonce in Robot& Brucling at Oprah’s 25th season final show

2. Jennifer Aniston in a striped tie

Prima fashionista Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to trend setting and has been known to wear a stylish tie when the mood takes her. 

3. Angelina Jolie in a bow tie

Angelina Jolie achieved an androgynous yet supremely chic look whilst attending the Baftas in 2014. The open bow-tie completes this beautifully understated tailored ensemble. 

4. Emma Watson in a casual black tie

Since leaving her Harry Potter days behind, Emma Watson has become something of a style icon.  Her suave suit and tie combos have inspired compliments in the media, even when she is simply dressing for a role.

5. Twiggy in an oversized polka dot tie

Classic trends never go out of fashion and we think 60’s supermodel Twiggy looks sexy and sophisticated in a black and silver polka dot tie. 

6. Ellen Page in a skinny tie

Ellen Page loves to wear classic neckwear and here the Juno star looks classy, sexy and fresh in her skinny leather trousers and oversized black blazer with a pocket square, complemented by a classic skinny tie.  

7. Scarlett Johansson in a grey suit with a black skinny tie

Who knew that uber feminine Scarlett Johansson could look this dapper? We think she is just as stunning in a grey suit and black tie as she is in a glamorous dress. 

8. Victoria Beckham in a black tie and waistcoat 

If Victoria Beckham wears a tie, then it must be a super stylish fashion accessory. We think Mrs Beckham is the epitome of elegance in her black tie and waistcoat ensemble. 

9. Nicole Kidman in a black skinny button tie 

Nicole Kidman brings classic glamour to the big screen and she looks striking in this black shimmering suit and buttoned slim tie.  

10. Grace Kelly in a bow tie

Last but not least, Grace Kelly shows us how to pull off the pussy bow tie look with effortless style and class in a photo that could have been taken yesterday. Simply beautiful. 

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Oscars 2015 - The Mens Style Guide

The Oscars red carpet event saw the A listers walk the red carpet in true celebrity fashion. the most Glamorous evening of the year showcased a hotbed o style, here at Fab Ties are zoning in on what the best dressed male actors wore at this years Oscar parade. 

Here we have Ansel Elgort, American actor, producer and DJ wearing a smart navy blue with black label suit by Prada, he wore this with a classic black bow tie and black patient shoes.

Eddie Redmayne wears a skinny fit navy blue an black lapel suit by Alexander McQueen with a small black dickie bow to finish the smart dapper look off.

Channing Tantum wears a black dinner suit by Dolce & Gabbana, he masterfully finishes his look off by wearing a black bow tie, white pocket square and dress studs.

Benedict Cumberbatch wears a white dinner jacket with smart black trousers, his finance wears a red floor length dress making them look ever so the glamorous couple. Benedict finishes his look by wearing a narrow black bow tie and matching black pocket square.

Neil Patrick Harris turned up to the event with his husband, David Burtka. Neil wears a super stylish grey marl suit by Brunello Cucinelli he finishes his look off with a grey bow tie and black polished shoes.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Our latest Paisley Tie Collection

Our latest collection of wedding ties feature a special paisley pattern, this pattern is a super versatile design and can go with any theme for a wedding. If you’re opting for a vintage style, a sleek and elegant or a glamorous affair this design will be sure to go with any of them and we think it’s so stylish! 

 Paisley Navy Blue Mens Tie

The paisley tie comes in a range of colours so you’ll be able to match it to your wedding colour theme quite easily. A 3 piece suit would look complete with a paisley tie in any of the colours available for a wedding, a prom or any special event that requires wearing a tie.

Paisley ties are a classic textile look and design that can blend easily into many formal outfits. The unusual droplet shaped design, which has Persian and indian origins gained its popularity back in the 1960’s when different fabrics, colours and textures were introduced into the fashion scene. Paisley was particularly popular during the the sixties Summer Of Love the pattern was heavily identified with psychedelic style and the interest in Indian spirituality and culture brought about by the pilgrimage of The Beatles to India in 1968.

The paisley pattern is a great way to add a vintage look to any normal suit or shirt. The paisley tie is a subtly stylish option for any formal event, it could even be worn to a 60’s party.

 Paisley Purple Mens Tie

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Grammys Red Carpet Style 2015

Celebrities once again took to the red carpet for the annual Grammy awards - these awards tend to showcase the wildest in in red carpet fashions! Some of the greatest performers in the world will be at the exclusive event including Madonna, Rihanna, Pharell Williams and Katy Perry there’s no gown, suit or ahem…costume these celebs won’t try to pull off in some way, shape or form, for us at Fab Ties this has got to be our favourite Red Carpet scene because literally anything can go! 

Our winners of the best red carpet style went to: 

Taylor Swift in her beautiful turquoise blue ombre Ellie Saab gown and contrasting pink suede shoes.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Pharell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh wore matching Adidas outfits, although it looks like they had a quick outfit change the couple intact are wearing the same in both photos. Pharell’s silvery grey suit along with matching bow tie and shoes and his wife’s jumpsuit stripes  all turned bright white when faced with a camera flash. The Adidas 3m invention is made using a similar material as the 3m ‘Paparazzi Blocker’ jacket famously worn by Cara Delevingne.

Image Credit:Michael Nelson / EPA

Sam Smith stole the show winning an impressive four Grammys! He kept his style simple with a plain black suit, oversized white shirt and a blended white bow tie, not forgetting his statement silver cross earing.

Image Credit: The Fashionista

Ed Sheeran looked like he had been to a wedding all day, you know the scruffy end of the night look? He wore a plain white shirt with rolled up sleeves a navy waistcoat and matching slim leg trousers, a not quite straight skinny black tie and a pair of sneakers. At least you can tell he is an artist! 

Image Credit: Getty Images

Singer Nick Jonas hit the red carpet in a super smart suit from Versace with a crisp white shirt with dress pins and super white trainers. This look rocked!

Image Credit: The Fashionista