Friday, 18 September 2015

Top 10 Sexiest Women Who Wear Ties Better Than Men

In an age of equality, ties are as likely to be worn by stylish, sexy women as they are by men. At Fab Ties, we think some of the sexiest and most stylish women in the world wear ties better than men – and here’s the proof: 

1. Beyonce in a fancy bow-tie 
The queen diva looked incredible (as always) during Oprah’s 25th finale live show, wearing a gorgeous bow tie accessory. 

Beyonce in Robot& Brucling at Oprah’s 25th season final show

2. Jennifer Aniston in a striped tie

Prima fashionista Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to trend setting and has been known to wear a stylish tie when the mood takes her. 

3. Angelina Jolie in a bow tie

Angelina Jolie achieved an androgynous yet supremely chic look whilst attending the Baftas in 2014. The open bow-tie completes this beautifully understated tailored ensemble. 

4. Emma Watson in a casual black tie

Since leaving her Harry Potter days behind, Emma Watson has become something of a style icon.  Her suave suit and tie combos have inspired compliments in the media, even when she is simply dressing for a role.

5. Twiggy in an oversized polka dot tie

Classic trends never go out of fashion and we think 60’s supermodel Twiggy looks sexy and sophisticated in a black and silver polka dot tie. 

6. Ellen Page in a skinny tie

Ellen Page loves to wear classic neckwear and here the Juno star looks classy, sexy and fresh in her skinny leather trousers and oversized black blazer with a pocket square, complemented by a classic skinny tie.  

7. Scarlett Johansson in a grey suit with a black skinny tie

Who knew that uber feminine Scarlett Johansson could look this dapper? We think she is just as stunning in a grey suit and black tie as she is in a glamorous dress. 

8. Victoria Beckham in a black tie and waistcoat 

If Victoria Beckham wears a tie, then it must be a super stylish fashion accessory. We think Mrs Beckham is the epitome of elegance in her black tie and waistcoat ensemble. 

9. Nicole Kidman in a black skinny button tie 

Nicole Kidman brings classic glamour to the big screen and she looks striking in this black shimmering suit and buttoned slim tie.  

10. Grace Kelly in a bow tie

Last but not least, Grace Kelly shows us how to pull off the pussy bow tie look with effortless style and class in a photo that could have been taken yesterday. Simply beautiful. 

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