Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Our Top 6 Essential Guide to Men’s Ties

An Essential Guide to Men’s Ties
Your tie makes a statement. It is a signature piece that tells the world you feel confident and comfortable in your own style. But before you choose your perfect tie, there are a few golden rules you should follow… 
1. Size matters
Yes, it’s true. When it comes to your choice of neckwear, size most definitely matters and whatever your bodily proportions, your tie should always reach just above your waist line. A good guesstimate is to wear a belt – if the end of the tie comes just above the buckle, you have the right length. 
2. Shorter, skinny ties can look great 
Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tie styles. Keep in mind that short, skinny ties can look good on everyone, as long as they reach a point near the naval. Any shorter and you might look like you are trying to pull off a vintage 1890’s look. Not ideal. 
3. Keep a wide berth 
While shorter, skinnier ties can look gorgeous, keep away from kipper ties. So called because of their eye popping width, any tie which is more than 3 inches across is a no-go. Wide ties are a fashion statement from the 70’s – let’s keep them where they belong. 
4. Choose a simple knot 
Yes, there are a range of different styles in which you can tie your tie. But unless you are a tie expert, you probably only know one or two methods. Broadly speaking, people with wide shoulders should opt for a wider knot style (like the full Windsor). Likewise, those with a smaller frame would do well using the classic four in hand knot. 
5. Season well 
Always choose a tie which complements the season and the occasion. For example, a thick wool tie wouldn’t look right in the height of summer and a light pastel tie could look out of place at a winter wedding. Take your cue from the elements and try to keep the colour combinations flattering. 
6. Careful with colours 
We mentioned colour combinations because too often, people get the contrasts wrong and the results are less than pretty. A general rule of thumb is this: your tie should always be a darker shade than your shirt. You can experiment with contrasting colours and bright patterns depending on your wardrobe but keep in mind that colour contrasts are usually more eye catching than complementary shades. 
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