Monday, 19 October 2015

10 Men Who Wore a Tie & Suit the Best

The right suit and tie combination can turn heads. Of course, it helps if you are naturally handsome, like these ten men who we think wear a suit and tie the best:  

1. Tom Hardy in a black tux suit and skinny black tie.
Talented Tom Hardy looks nothing short of dapper in this sharp black suit and matching skinny tie.
Image: Buzzfeed

2. Brad Pitt in a classic suit and black bow tie.
No list of male celebrities is complete without mention of Mr Pitt. Here he is wearing a classic suit and bow-tie combination – a definitive classic Hollywood look. And doesn’t he pull it off perfectly? 
Image: Popsugar

3. Gerard Butler in a slate grey 3 piece suit and matching silk knitted charcoal tie.
Gerard Butler looks good in everything but here, his rugged good looks are enhanced by a tidy grey suit and skinny black tie combo. 

4. David Beckham in a grey suit with purple and silver striped tie.
We all love David Beckham and he certainly scrubs up well off the pitch. Here, his grey suit is complemented by a purple pinstripe tie and perfectly coiffed hair; adding to a super suave celebrity look.   
Image: Famous Outfits

5. Leonardo DiCaprio in a classic Hollywood black suit and black bow tie with a white pocket square.
Leo has come a long way since his Titanic days and on the red carpet, he never fails to impress. His crisp suit, bow tie and slicked hair are very Gatsby - proving the suit and tie is a timeless combination. 

6. Jake Gyllenhall in a black suit and knitted polka dot tie. 
With his natural good looks, Jake Gyllenhall is simply stunning in this crisp suit and polka dot knitted tie ensemble.
Image: Imageck

7. Justin Timberlake in a white suit and black oversized bow tie 
Justin Timberlake’s white suit and black oversized bow tie gives a twist to the more traditional attire commonly favoured by celebrities. Worn for a promo shoot, we think Justin looks fab in this eye catching combination. 

8. Daniel Craig in a classic bond style tuxedo with a dapper black narrow bow tie and a white classic pocket square.
If you are going to be James Bond, you have to look good in a suit. And doesn’t Daniel Craig pull off the 007 look perfectly?  
Image: Haircoutureinternational

9. Robert Downey Junior in a black suit and blue bow-tie combination.
The Iron Man actor has never been afraid to experiment with different looks. This striking blue bow tie and classic black suit combination looks fabulously fun and stylish.  
Image: Pinterest

10. Tom Cruise in a black suit and skinny black tie. 
The Mission Impossible star always looks super stylish and this three piece suit, tie and waistcoat ensemble is nothing short of striking.  
Image: Thefashionisto

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