Monday, 29 August 2016

How To Wear A Tie

A tie can be worn for formal or casual occasions with a variety of outfits. In the last couple of decades the range of ties available has really expanded, there are lots of different colours, patterns, material and prints to choose from. We have a great selection of ties for you to choose from.

Tying a tie can be a form of art, there are a huge variety of tie knots you can try out so why not have a look at blog post on How To Tie Different Tie Knots for a few examples.

Our Tie Collection

We have a huge varied collection of ties available at and here are just a few examples of what we have on offer.
Plain Ties

We have plain satin ties by DQT available in a skinny, slim, extra long, regular and clip on tie in a wide range of colours. Visit our range of Plain ties here.
Pattern Ties 

We have a wide range of pattern ties available which you can see here.

We have DQT pattern ties, in the following patterns :

We also have a range of Van Buck Pattern Ties, Tie Studio Pattern Ties and  Fab Ties Floral Ties. 

Van Buck 

Tie Studio

Outfit Inspiration 

You could wear our Navy Blue Floral Tie with a black suit for a formal evening look. 

Or why not add some fun to this white shirt and dark blue jeans with our Harlequin Tie

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