Monday, 22 August 2016

How To Wear A Bow Tie

Bow Ties can look great with all sorts of outfits for a variety of occasions. We sell 2 different types of bow tie, pre-tied and self-tie. Pre-tied bow ties are already formed into a bow and fastened around the neck with a thin strip of material, where as a self-tie bow tie is just a shaped strip of fabric which you need to tie into a bow yourself. To find out how to tie a bow tie you can see our How To Tie A Bow Tie guide.

Our Bow Tie Collection

Van Buck 

All of our Van Buck bow ties are pre-tied. See our collection of Van Buck Bow Ties here.

  • Silk 
  • Pattern 
  • Limited Edition 
  • Tartan 


See our Knightsbridge Bow Ties here.


  • Plain Cotton
  • Gingham Check
  • Polka Dot 


  • Plain Marcella 

Tie Studio

See our Tie Studio pre-tied novelty bow ties here.

  • Novelty


We have a very large selection of DQT bow ties to choose from.


Pattern -

Knitted Bow Ties


Square Check 


Fab Ties

Outfit Inspiration

Here is some outfit inspiration for what you can wear with a bow tie.

Pair our Mens Paisley Gold Diamond Tip Bow Tie and Plain Dark Grey Trouser Braces with a white shirt and grey trousers for a casual but dapper look.

For a formal event wear a charcoal grey suit with our Van Buck Limited Edition Tetris Blocks Multi Coloured Silk Bow Tie.

This Mens Plain Teal Satin Self-Tie Bow Tie will really stand out against this black shirt and dark grey trousers. 

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