Monday, 15 August 2016

How To Wear a Pocket Square

Pocket squares, also known as handkerchiefs are a great accessory to add that finishing touch to your outfit. They should be worn in the top pocket of a blazer, dinner jacket or suit jacket and can be folded in a variety of ways to change the look. 

The history of the pocket square goes back to ancient Greece and Rome when they were used in the same way they are today, to blow the nose or wipe the face etc. However in the middle ages they were used to cover the head as suggested by the name. Pocket squares were formerly known as kerchiefs which is derived from the french words for cover and head. In the 18th century handkerchiefs were waved by women at public events such as processions and political events to show their approval.They are also used in types of West - African and African-American traditional dance and some types of English folk-dance.  

Pocket Square Folds 

See our guide on how to fold a pocket square here:

Presidential fold -

One Tip up Triangular Fold -

Two Tips Up Fold -

Crown Fold Pocket Square -

Casual Fold -

Outfit Inspiration

Your pocket square should complement a colour in your tie, bow tie or cravat or if in doubt go for a white pocket square as this will go with any colour or pattern. 

Our Plain Royal Blue Pocket Square perfectly complements this Van Buck Navy Paisley Diamond Pattern Cravat. combine with a pair of dark jeans and an off white suit jacket for a a casual look. 

Our Duck Egg Blue Polka Dot Pocket Square and Plain Duck Egg Blue Slim Tie will add some colour to a pale grey suit. 

Why not pair our Plain White Pocket Square with a Van Buck Limited Edition Stars Multi Coloured Bow Tie and a black suit for a great evening wear look.


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