Friday, 12 August 2016

Smart Summer Time Attire

It is no easy task to look smart when it is so hot, however it is achievable. There is no need to let your style standards slip in the effort to stay cool. We thought we'd try to help with the eternal struggle of how to look smart and stay cool at the same time and have put together some outfit inspiration for you.

Lightweight and breathable fabrics made from natural materials are the best choice in the heat. Also natural materials like cotton, linen and 100% wool dry faster which is always a bonus if you tend to sweat alot.

A long sleeved shirt and trousers are by far the best option when you are spending alot of time in the sun  because they provide the most cover.

If you want to wear a blazer or suit jacket make sure it is unlined or half-lined because they normally have a lining made from a synthetic material such as polyester.

Light colours are the best option because they reflect more light than darker colours, so this summer stick to your beige, white, grey, creams and pastels.

Our Plain Pale Lemon Yellow Tie and Pocket Square Set  will really pop if you wear with with a light blue blazer and some royal blue chinos.

For a casual look why not pair these cream linen cut off chinos with this navy blue blazer, light blue linen shirt and our Mens Knitted Black Square End Tie

Stay cool in this salmon short sleeved linen shirt with grey linen trousers and our Floral Navy Blue Pre-Tied Bow Tie.

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