Friday, 18 November 2016

Paisley Patterns for a Winter Time Wedding.

A paisley tie is the perfect pattern for a winter wedding. If you want to opt for something rather than just plain accessories for your groom and groomsmen then paisley could be the perfect option for you. It is a classic pattern that is not too bold that it will draw all the attention in the room but adds a nice accent to the groom and groomsmen's outfits. Our collection of paisley accessories by DQT are perfect for a wedding as they are two tone and not a vibrant combination of colours like a lot of paisley patterns.

We have a great selection of 15 colours available. If you would like to see if a colour goes with your colour scheme or just if its right for you we have swatches to buy in every colour that we have available at just £1.99. You can see our range of Paisley pattern swatches here:

Outfit Inspiration

Here of some examples of great outfits including our paisley accessories for a winter time wedding.

Why not opt for the timeless and opulent purple and black colour scheme for your winter wedding. Our  Mens Paisley Purple Waistcoat and Tie Set will look brilliant with a black suit, black leather lace up shoes and add a little bit of shine to your suit with our Silver Plated Knot Cufflinks.

Our Emerald Green Paisley Cravat and Cufflinks Set will be a great focal point of this brown tweed suit which is ideal for winter.

Look extremely suave for the big day wearing this charcoal grey suit with our decadent looking Burgundy Paisley Bow Tie and Cufflinks Set.

Our Paisley pattern ties are available in a regular 9 cm or skinny 5 cm width. You can buy them individually but we also offer skinny tie and regular tie sets. You could buy a tie and pocket square set, tie and cufflink set, tie pocket square and cufflink set or a waistcoat and tie set.

Our Paisley bow ties are all pre tied and have a fully adjustable hook and eye neck strap. Our bow tie are available individually and as a set. There are bow tie pocket square and cufflinks sets, waistcoat and bow tie sets, bow tie and pocket square sets, and bow tie and cufflinks sets to choose from.

We have a range of paisley scrunchie wedding cravats which are also available as a part of a set. Choose from  a waistcoat and cravat set, cravat and pocket square set, cravat and cufflinks set, cravat cufflinks and pocket square set.

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