Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Fashion

Autumn is a lovely time of year when the leaves change colour and fall to the ground and the air starts to feel more fresh and crisp but the wind gets more bitter and the weather starts to get colder. Fashion at this time of the year is all about layering and trying to keep warm whilst still looking stylish and dapper as always. Also it is a chance to utilise even more accessories than usual, like hats and gloves to help keep the chill off and stay cosy. 

Kitted and woolly fabrics, are always key in Autumn, they have a great textured look and are perfect for the increasingly cold weather. This seasons trending colours are natural earth tones like dark green, greys, navy and copper is a particularly popular colour at the moment. Duffel coats especially in a camel colour and embellished bomber jackets are back in fashion along with funnel neck tops and neckerchiefs.

Our favourite mens accessories for this month are knitted ties and lapel pins.

Knitted Ties 

Knitted ties could be a great addition to your wardrobe this season. We have a great selection of Knitted Ties here at, a huge variety of patterns and colours. It is almost guaranteed there will be a style to suit every outfit. They will enable you to look smart and professional whist adding some texture to your work outfit, but can also add a little something extra to your every day attire. They are increasing in popularity and are great for autumn because they're slightly warmer than a usual necktie but not as warm or bulky as a scarf. We stock Knitted Ties from Knightsbridge, DQT and Van Buck.

Our Knightsbridge Knitted Ties are handmade from 100% silk and come in a massive range of patterns including plain, diamond, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, vertical stripes, dots, specks and blocks.

DQT knitted ties are a more affordable alternative made from polyester. Our collection includes plain, striped, thin stripe and stripes in lots of different colours.

We have striped and polka dot knitted ties by Van Buck which are made in England from 100% silk.

Wear our Green, Silver and Maroon Striped Silk Knitted Tie by Knightsbridge with a black blazer, white shirt and a pair of jeans, a camel colour duffel coat and some black gloves for a nice smart casual look.

Lapel Pins

A Lapel pin can spruce up the blank canvas of your suit, or blazer and combined with a great tie, bow tie or cravat and pocket square will make a first class outfit. They should complement the rest of your outfit but shouldn't match your tie or pocket square in colour or pattern. A Lapel pin should stand out as a statement accessory. We have several wonderful Lapel Pins for you to choose from.

This Gold Plated Leaf Lapel Pin automatically makes you think of Autumn. For a snazzy and formal look pair our lapel pin with a navy blue blazer, our Emerald Green Paisley Tie, a Paisley Emerald Green Pocket Square, beige trousers and a white shirt.

Brighten up these dull Autumn days by adding a Green Feather Lapel Pin to a charcoal grey suit. The green would really stand out. This outfit could also look great with our Navy Blue Pin Dot Tie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks Set.

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