Monday, 3 April 2017

Top Gadgets

No matter how old you are the though of a new gadget will get most people a bit excited. Whether it be a couple hundreds of pounds spent for your enjoyment or just a couple there are always new gadgets coming out or that you simply haven't discovered yet. It could be a 5 minute wonder or you might end up hooked or making your life significantly easier. After all a new gadget can be practical as well as for entertainment.

We have selected just a few things which caught our attention. One of these at least will probably have you itching to have one.

1. Bluetooth Earbud - £12.99

If you love the idea of wireless earphones like Apple Airpods but not the extortionate price then this could be the perfect cheaper alternative. Even if you replace it in a short amount of time its got to better than contending with pesky earphone wires which somehow always manage to tangle or get caught on something and yanked out of your ears.

Get yours here:

2. Iphone 7 - From £599 direct from Apple

The latest model of iphone is hugely different from those before it and in our opinion greatly improved. It is now waterproof, with a bigger more hard wearing screen which is less likely to smash, a new type of home button, and no headphone socket but it comes with an adaptor in case you would like to stick with normal headphone rather than wireless ones.

3. Smartphone Projector - £19.99

Ever get tired of watching TV or a film on your tiny phone screen? With a smartphone projector you do not even need a television so if they are all occupied or there is not one around this will be really handy. It is incredibly simple to use and will improve your viewing experience.

4. PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone - Undetermined

If you are a fishing enthusiast this drone could revolutionise your hobby. It can go up to 30 meters underwater, steams video to your phone so you can navigate, can detect fish up to 40 meters away and it comes will virtual reality goggle and you can move by tilting your head.

5. LG W7 featherweight wall-mount TVs - Undetermined 

Also known as the wallpaper TV this television can be hung flush to the wall so that it looks like just a poster. It is attached to the wall with magnets and there is one wire to a sound bar. This is the thinnest and lightest TV yet.

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