Monday, 17 April 2017

Top Funky Gifts

We’ve all been in the same boat when it comes to the frustrations of finding a gift for a friend or family member. Sometimes you know exactly what to get and other times you want to get something slightly unusual. We’ve done some research on top quirky and random gifts and here is what we’ve found. It suits budgets from £5 up to £120. Enjoy!

1. Brick Yourself £29.99

This gift is for the ultimate Lego fanatic. You simply upload a photo of yourself, add a few facts, outfit suggestions and hobbies and a mini figurine will be made for you. You can also add a few words underneath to finish it off. You’ll receive your gift as it shows in the photo below in a nice thick frame.

2. Tweexy £14.99

A great gift for someone who loves to polish their nails. No need to be at a table while painting your nails. With this nifty gadget you can paint your nails anywhere and avoid spills, drips and smears. The Tweexy fits all shapes and sizes of nail polish and fits perfectly on your hand.

3.  Bobino Mobile Phone Holder £4.99

A daily struggle of charging your phone but then where to put it? This gadget answers all your problems. A very random but useful gift!

4. Polaroid Zip Instant Print Mobile Printer £119.99

Connect to your smartphone and print photos straight away! A perfect gift for that snap happy friend. Connects via Bluetooth of WiFi. There’s also an app available so you can edit and personalise photos before printing.

5. Something Edible like a Giant Cookie or Biscuits £6.95 - £20.99

If you’re buying a gift for someone who has a sweet tooth then either a giant cookie or a biscuit selection would be very fitting. Who doesn’t like to receive something that they can eat?

6. The Master Pan £49.98

A pan that can cook a whole fry up at once - sold! I can imagine this would make a lot of people happy and a great addition to your kitchen.

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