Monday, 25 July 2016

How To Wear A Lapel Pin

Lapel pins were originally used by the military sometimes to identify rank or as symbols of merit. They have also been used in politics, the famous flag lapel pins were introduced by Richard Nixon in the 1970's and reintroduced by George Bush shortly after 9/11.

A lapel pin is is a small decoration worn on the lapel of a suit jacket usually for decoration or in some cases to show your affiliation to a cause or company. They have become an increasingly popular accessory to wear at wedding in place of the traditional boutonniere which is a single live flower.

All of our lapel pins use a stick and pin fastening.Your lapel pin should always be positioned on left lapel next to your pocket square. On the majority of suits there will be a button hole on the lapel. you should pass the end of the lapel pin through this. You can leave the stick and pin at the back of the lapel so it cannot be seen  for a more traditional look. Or you can poke the bottom of the pin through to the front of the lapel and attach the fastening so the metal can be seen which is a more contemporary look.

Outfit inspiration

Your lapel pin should compliment the rest of your outfit and accessories. It shouldn't match your tie or pocket square in colour or pattern.

At we have a great range of lapel pins and we have put together some examples of how to wear them.

Our Silver Plated Stag Head Lapel Pin would look great with a black suit and our Van Buck Limited Edition Faint Line Design Navy Silk Tie.

Why not wear a dark tweed jacket and a pair of light beige trousers with our Scottish Plume Stag Head Feather Lapel Pin for a stylish and sophisticated look.

Or you could pair a navy blue suit and waistcoat with our Gold Plated Feather Lapel Pin.

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