Friday, 15 July 2016

Baby Pink

Baby Pink is one of the most popular wedding colours. Its great for spring and spring and summer weddings as it is a very light and airy colour. Baby pink would make a great wedding colour as it looks wonderful on both men and women, can be considered a very romantic colour and is often associated with the idea of a fairy tale wedding.

We have a great range of baby pink products to choose from. We also have a swatch available which you can buy to make sure that the colour is perfect for you.

Swatch £1.99

Our Products

Plain Baby Pink - 

We also have some products available in a boy's size.

See our range of Plain Baby Pink Products here:

Here are some examples of how to incorporate baby pink into your wedding.

We have put together some inspiration for wedding outfits. 

This pale grey suit and black shoes look great with our Baby Pink Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set for a summer wedding look.

Why not pair a charcoal grey pinstriped suit with these black patent shoes and a Baby Pink Scrunchie Cravat.

Stand out with this dark blue suit, brown shoes, Plain Baby Pink Cufflinks and Plain Baby Pink Tie and Pocket Square Set.

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