Thursday, 19 February 2015

Our latest Paisley Tie Collection

Our latest collection of wedding ties feature a special paisley pattern, this pattern is a super versatile design and can go with any theme for a wedding. If you’re opting for a vintage style, a sleek and elegant or a glamorous affair this design will be sure to go with any of them and we think it’s so stylish! 

 Paisley Navy Blue Mens Tie

The paisley tie comes in a range of colours so you’ll be able to match it to your wedding colour theme quite easily. A 3 piece suit would look complete with a paisley tie in any of the colours available for a wedding, a prom or any special event that requires wearing a tie.

Paisley ties are a classic textile look and design that can blend easily into many formal outfits. The unusual droplet shaped design, which has Persian and indian origins gained its popularity back in the 1960’s when different fabrics, colours and textures were introduced into the fashion scene. Paisley was particularly popular during the the sixties Summer Of Love the pattern was heavily identified with psychedelic style and the interest in Indian spirituality and culture brought about by the pilgrimage of The Beatles to India in 1968.

The paisley pattern is a great way to add a vintage look to any normal suit or shirt. The paisley tie is a subtly stylish option for any formal event, it could even be worn to a 60’s party.

 Paisley Purple Mens Tie

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