Thursday, 12 February 2015

Grammys Red Carpet Style 2015

Celebrities once again took to the red carpet for the annual Grammy awards - these awards tend to showcase the wildest in in red carpet fashions! Some of the greatest performers in the world will be at the exclusive event including Madonna, Rihanna, Pharell Williams and Katy Perry there’s no gown, suit or ahem…costume these celebs won’t try to pull off in some way, shape or form, for us at Fab Ties this has got to be our favourite Red Carpet scene because literally anything can go! 

Our winners of the best red carpet style went to: 

Taylor Swift in her beautiful turquoise blue ombre Ellie Saab gown and contrasting pink suede shoes.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Pharell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh wore matching Adidas outfits, although it looks like they had a quick outfit change the couple intact are wearing the same in both photos. Pharell’s silvery grey suit along with matching bow tie and shoes and his wife’s jumpsuit stripes  all turned bright white when faced with a camera flash. The Adidas 3m invention is made using a similar material as the 3m ‘Paparazzi Blocker’ jacket famously worn by Cara Delevingne.

Image Credit:Michael Nelson / EPA

Sam Smith stole the show winning an impressive four Grammys! He kept his style simple with a plain black suit, oversized white shirt and a blended white bow tie, not forgetting his statement silver cross earing.

Image Credit: The Fashionista

Ed Sheeran looked like he had been to a wedding all day, you know the scruffy end of the night look? He wore a plain white shirt with rolled up sleeves a navy waistcoat and matching slim leg trousers, a not quite straight skinny black tie and a pair of sneakers. At least you can tell he is an artist! 

Image Credit: Getty Images

Singer Nick Jonas hit the red carpet in a super smart suit from Versace with a crisp white shirt with dress pins and super white trainers. This look rocked!

Image Credit: The Fashionista

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