Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Need Some Outfit Inspiration For Royal Ascot?

It's time to start thinking about what to wear to Royal Ascot and we would like to give you some helping inspiration. Ascot will be held from 14th-18th June this year.

Royal Ascot Is Britain's most high esteemed and valuable horse race. It was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne. The Queen attends every year and arrives in horse and carriage with the Royal procession at the beginning of each race day.

We suggest that it is always better to look slightly overdressed compared with being too casual. With this in mind we have some examples of what we think are great outfits from previous years of Royal Ascot.

There are three enclosures, the Royal enclosure being the most prestigious, the queen Anne enclosure and the Windsor enclosure. Each enclosure has a separate dress code, so make sure you check before buying those all important outfits.

At the Royal enclosure women are only permitted to wear a day dress and hat, whilst men are only permitted to wear grey or black morning dress.

But what is morning dress? Morning dress refers to a top hat and tails. If you opt for a black morning suit you should wear either grey or black trousers with a pin stripe. If you decide to go with grey trousers they should be plain and made from the same material as your tail coat. Your shirt should either be white or a pale colour with a white collar and cuffs. More than an inch of cuff should be shown and cufflinks should be worn. A waistcoat must be worn but can be a bit more adventurous as all sorts of colours and patterns are now excepted. You should wear a tie rather than a bow tie or a cravat. Finally a top hat should be worn at all times in either black or grey.


Ronan Keating and Storm Uechtritz perfectly adhere to the royal enclosure dress code and look great. Ronan wears grey morning dress with a pale blue waistcoat and a grey patterned tie. Storm looks
very classy in a calf length cream lace dress with a large feathered hat.


Actor Hugh Bonneville and his wife Lulu Williams are a perfect example of what to wear in the Royal enclosure. Hugh opts for a black morning suit with grey trousers worn with a pale grey waistcoat which complimented perfectly, the look was finished off perfectly with a beautiful navy patterned tie  and a black top hat. Lulu wears a vibrant but conservative A-Line dress with a large hat.

Within the Queen Anne enclosure women should wear formal dress and wear a hat, fascinator or headpiece at all times, trousers are allowed but they must be full length. Men should wear a suit and tie.

Popular TV presenting duo Ant and Dec and their other halves perfectly adhere to the Queen Anne dress code.


The Windsor enclosure is the most relaxed by far. There is no formal dress code, the only rule being that no replica sports shirts can be worn.

This collection of ladies and gentlemen who attended the event last year are great inspiration for a variety of outfits you might wear if you are attending the Windsor enclosure.


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